Introducing LoyalCX (V1)

imageToday, I’m excited to share something very dear to me that I started just over 6 months ago - LoyalCX, a community experience studio with focus in community design, brand messaging and social media. Loyal came out of what you might remember from a year ago as my “learning plan” on people, community and products. Now, I realize is that this “learning plan” was actually a “plan of intent” for my life’s work in the intersection of these areas in a specific niche that I’ve defined as community experience, CX for short.

imageLoyal is based on the idea of community experience - the way that a group of people or community feels when engaging with a product, service, system or with each other.  

I just wanted to see if it could work, this idea of CX, and officially committed to it on Memorial Day. I put in just enough for the high side of legal and domain fees, and by June 7th, Loyal was in business. By July 4th, Loyal had brought on its first two large clients, was offered cash to close shop, and made 32x return. Like all brand new companies, we’ve had our share of hiccups, too. :)

Today, Loyal is intentionally a slow-growth company. We want to do less, better work. We’d rather be more like Ideo, 37signals or Behance than a high-growth “agency.” Loyal will not scale in it’s current state because it’s already incrementally moving towards what it will actually become - first, a firm for community design, and then much later, a products-based company. This change will be good, because it’s more sustainable for both for Loyal and our clients.

It’s going to take me a lifetime to see that original learning plan to completion in all of its narrow depth, and I feel really good knowing my focus. I’m also ready to run at it full force -  Loyal is hiring and looking for new projects for 2013! Get in touch at


There is no way Loyal would have made it this far without the help, advice and support of these fine folks: Elizabeth Presson, Matt Shampine, Matt Blanchard, Nate Moulton and the community of #cmgr - especially Ana Hevesi, Veronica Chan, Karen Schoellkopf

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