Last Friday, we headed over to the Museum of Moving Image’s GIF exhibit. While it only held our attention for 20 minutes, everything about this video had us giggling for hours. 

Flipbooks are the analog versions of gifs, right?

Adrià notes that without regular incubation periods devoted to rest, research, and experimentation, “You start repeating yourself. You can’t really step back and see the bigger picture. Whether you’re a butcher or somebody who works for NASA, everybody has access to that creative process.”

I always get really excited during this time of year in anticipation of summer — not for the vacations but because I know what come right after spring repeatedly year after year is a 4-6 month sprint of productivity, growth and progress. I’m starting to realize though that creative breaks can be just as productive and fruitful as the creative doing. 

Companies are often pressured into creating a story of constant growth to satisfy the press and their investors. We shouldn’t demand that of them. In reality every business ebbs and flows, and there will be lean times. The real goal is to act with integrity and to stay committed to the things that matter to you and your community. That — not infinite growth — is what matters in the long run.

Yancey Strickler, Co-founder of Kickstarter, answering the question, “Has Kickstarter reached a plateau?" on Quora.